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Payroll Solutions

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Outsourced HR Team
Payroll, Benefits, and People Management
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  • ​Dedicated HR person

  • ​Direct Deposit of employee

  • Payroll returns across all 50 states

  • W2 filing and processing​

  • ​Monthly payroll data reconcile

Starting at:

$200 +

+ Monthly payroll software fee

Quickbooks Payroll / Gusto

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Full Service

  • ​Dedicated HR person

  • Direct deposit of employee

  • Payroll returns across all 50 states

  • W2 filing and processing​

  • Fringe Benefits Admin

  • Time Tracking

  • Team Onboarding

  • Hiring Support

  • Employee handbook

  • Data-driven insights and analysis

  • ​Certified HR Pro connect

  • ​Monthly payroll data reconcile

Starting at

$800 +

+ Monthly payroll software fee

Quickbooks Payroll / Gusto

* Pricing Details:

If the employer choose the check option, check ordering fee will be in addition to the monthly service fee.

S Corp Payroll Services
Cafe Owners

​S Corp owner payroll

S Corp owner is both a shareholder and an employee. Salary needs to be paid out at least on a monthly basis, recomended.

Starting at:

Female Developers

​Distribution Cal

Monthly distribution calculation can be provided to make sure there is enough shareholder basis.

Starting at:


Reasonable Comps

S Corp owner needs to receive a reasonable compensation. We can provide such study and report.

Starting at:


* Pricing Details:

Plus monthly payroll software fee

Other Payroll Services

Female Developers

Payroll Setup

Help you set up the payroll system and employee tax profiles.

Starting at:

Board Meeting


Provide solutions based on the problems faced by the clients.

Starting at:


* Pricing Details:

Setting up a payroll system includes entering the information of 5 basic employees, with an additional charge of $50 per employee for data entry. If the client needs to migrates its payroll data from the company's previous payroll system, additional service fee will be charged. Please contact us for details.

Cloud Based Payroll Softwares

QuickBooks Payroll

The No.1 Payroll Provider For Small Businesses with Over 5.6 Million Happy Customers. It integrates directly with QuickBooks Online, can run payroll automatically and offers same-day or next day direct deposits. It also offers Health Benefits and Retirement Plans for your employees.

Gusto Payroll

Gusto provides small business with payroll management and benefits management services. Gusto provides expert guidance from HR professionals when purchasing health insurance, integrating existing plans with payroll, or needing help with add-ons like 401(k).

Certifications & Credentials

Virtual Services

Virtual Technology enables us to serve customers worldwide

Better Services in a much more convenient way

Online Meetings

Schedule either an online zoom meeting or phone conference with us. Let us hear your concerns and see how we can help.

Online Services

Through Virtual Technology we are able to provide all of our services online and power your life and business wherever you are.

Happy Customers

Virtual Services allow you to reach out to us in a more convenient way. Save time and get more things accomplished with us.

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