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An Introduction to our Tax Advisory

Back in 2013, Warren Buffett said that he paid a lower tax rate than his secretary, thanks to the many loopholes and deductions that benefit the wealthy. In reality, the richest 400 Americans paid an 8.2% average rate on their federal individual income taxes from 2010 to 2018, according to a report published by White House in 2021. Shocking, Right? No one wants to pay tax, even the rich. How can you lower your tax burden? We are here to help.


We take a consultative approach to our client relationships. We advocate and educate you to help you make informed decisions. Many tax accountants and business consultants are primarily focused on compliance and may give you some tax planning advice here and there, but most of the advice is based on a reactive approach instead of a proactive approach. Government and IRS compliance is crucial, but proactive tax planning is equally important.


We see far too many crazy schemes and half-baked ideas propagated by these “so-called experts” from various social media platforms. Sometimes, there are good ideas. But most of the time, they are not practical when applied to your own unique situation. We have seen clients utilize these “tax savings”  ideas and get backfired on them down the road. Be smart, be educated, and think critically!


We set two expectations from our tax advisory clients. First, we expect our clients to be open, honest and responsive in communication. Second, we prefer to work with the clients as a collaboration, where our challenges and success are shared, instead of to work for the clients. Having said all these, let us work together for a bright future!

Tax Advisory WorkFlow


Standardizing workflow is the key for us to be productive and service our clients well. Our tax advisory workflow is developed into four segments: Onboarding, Evaluation, Guidance, and Action (Repeat).

Advisory Plans
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Tax Advisory

Cheerful Business Meeting

Tax Advisory

Business Meeting

Tax Advisory
Small Biz Owner

Tax Patrol

Based on the demographics and needs of our clients, our Tax Advisory Service is structured into three types of plans.

Tax Patrol Service


These plans are tailored for those who don't need the complete tax advisory service but from time to time want some care from an experienced tax consultant and business advisor. Have a quick tax question? Let's have a quick chat. Want to do some tax research yourself but not sure where to research? We can direct. Want to understand your most recent tax return and how your tax liability number is reached? We can educate. Tax Patrol is like a security patrol of your home. You might not use it , but when you need it, we are here. And, you sleep better knowing you have a team of professionals on your back.

Tax Patrol.png

Risk Free Model for Tax Planning Pricing
Guaranteed Tax Savings, or Your Money Back

The average cost of tax planning by a CPA firm ranges from $3,000 to $10,000, with most firms billing hourly with no promise to the result. We believe that your tax savings should exceed the costs to create your tax plan. That's why we guarantee that our tax plans will generate at least our fee in tax savings. In some cases, our plans generate 3-5x our fee. And if we cannot create a tax plan that can reduce your tax bill, we will refund you the difference between our service fee and the estimated tax savings.

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Tax Advisory Individual

Tax Advisory Service for Individual and Investors


These plans are tailored for individuals and investors who need tax projection, planning and reduction. We start with an onboarding meeting to understand your needs and objectives. Tax projection will then be utilized to help you understand your current tax landscape. Based on your needs and objectives, strategies will be developed and tailored. Qualitative and Quantitative analysis will be utilized for tax planning. Action Plans will be developed to guide you on implementation of these strategies or to help you make decisions. 


Want to keep your current tax preparer but need the tax advisory service from us? No Problem. Our tax advisory plans include tax compliance advisory services, which give you a second pair of eyes to look over your tax return. If there are any red flags , we identify them and let you or your tax preparer fix them before the IRS catches you.

Tax Advisr - Business

Tax Advisory Service for Small Business Owners


We specialize in small business and take an owner(s) focused approach for tax advisory. Some tax strategies may reduce the company's tax burden, but not put more cash into the owner(s)' hand or benefit the owner(s). Our owner(s) focused approach is leveraging the most of their business for themselves and their families.


Plan Customization


Tax Advisory plans can be customized specifically for you. The array above is simply a starting point. If you need a plan suitable to your budget or a plan with more services, let's chat about it!

Virtual Services

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Online Meetings

Schedule either an online zoom meeting or phone conference with us. Let us hear your concerns and see how we can help.

Online Services

Through Virtual Technology, we are able to provide all of our services online and power your life and business wherever you are.

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Virtual Services allow you to reach out us in a more convenient way. Save time and get more things accomplished with us.

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