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Form Your Nonprofit

Form Your Nonprofit Easy as 1-2-3

Tell us your business name

Answer a few questions

We file the paperwork

Pricing Plans for Nonprofit

Full Service by LaunchSmart

Simply hand off your documents and let our business specialist help you launch

What's Included
    + state filing fees
    + state filing fees
    + state filing fees
Name Availability Search
Check Business Name Availability
Article of Incorporation
File Article of Incorporation to the State
Real Person Customer Support*
One-on-One Customer Support
Bylaws and Minutes
Bylaws and Initial Meeting Minutes
Statement of Information
Report Directors and Executives Info
Member Certificates and Seal
Electronic Member Certificates and Seal
Federal Tax ID (EIN)**
FEIN Application
Expedited Service
File Documents with priority service
* One-on-One Customer Support does not answer questions relating to tax, law, business planning, accounting, and bookkeeping.
** If the responsible person for the company is foreign national or does not have SSN/ITIN, additional $150 service fee will be charged to obtain EIN.

Not Sure Which Business Structure is Right for You?

More Ways We Can Help

Entity Name Reserve: : 
Starting at $75 + filing fees*
Have a specific name you want to use for your business but not ready to form your business yet? We can help you reserve the name in advance and used later when you are ready to file.
Virtual Business Address: 
Learn More
If you choose to form your business and do not have a physical business address in the state, we can help you out by referring third party virtual business address providers.
Registered Agent Service: 
Starting at $260 / Year 
A registered agent is an individual who resides in the state in which the business is formed or foreign qualified, or a corporation, designated to accept service of process (court papers) if the business entity is sued.
Basic Business Licenses: 
Starting at $240 + filing fees*
Business must comply with federal, state, local regulations and obtain necessary license and permit to operate. We can search for the business licenses you need to apply and provide instructions on how you can get them.
501(c)(3) Tax Exempt Application (1023EZ): 
Starting at $600 + filing fees*
501(c)(3) tax exempt status gives organization various benefits, including tax exemption for federal and state corporate tax, tax deductible donations for donors, eligibility o receive private and public grants, and more.
501(c)(3) Nonprofit Federal Tax Exemption Application (Form 1023):  
starting price $1,200 + Filing Fee*
Not all nonprofits can apply for federal tax exemption on Form 1023EZ. The cost of applying for a nonprofit using Form 1023 is priced based on the form and complexity of the nonprofit. If Public Charities has an estimated average income and assets of less than $500,000 over the next 5 years, the Form 1023 application fee starts at $1,000. If Public Charities has an estimated average income and assets of $500,000 or more over the next 5 years, the application fee for Form 1023 starts at $2,000. The Priviate Foundation 1023 application fee starts at $3,000.
State Tax ID: 
Starting at $200 + filing fees*
If your business plans to hire employees, or to sell goods or service, you probably need to apply fo a state tax ID. This state tax ID is used by the state department to identify you when you make payroll or sales tax payment.
* Filing fees are the fees charged by federal, state, and local government and fees paid to third party to meet the government requirements.

Your Satisfaction is Our Priority

Comprehensive Review

Our specialist will provide a comprehensive review of your paperwork so you can be confident

Launch Smart

We will form your new business the right way so you can focus on growing your business

Fast Turnaround

Our processing time are among the fastest in the industry. Launch Smart and Launch Fast

Customize Service

Every business is unique. We tailor our formation service to make sure you receive the right support


We provide both Chinese and English Customer Services for

your convenience

Virtual Services

Virtual Technology enables us to serve customers worldwide

Better Services in a much more convenient way

Online Meetings

Schedule either an online zoom meeting or phone conference with us. Let us hear your concerns and see how we can help

Online Services

Through Virtual Technology, we are able to provide all of our services online and power your life and business wherever you are

Happy Customers

Virtual Services allow you to reach out us in a more convenient way. Save time and get more things accomplished with us

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